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House Moving is an exciting time.  You've probably been waiting for months for your new home, and on that big day you will have a lot on your mind.  At Mustard Seed Moving Company, we want to make that transition as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • As the owner of Mustard Seed Moving Company, I look forward to helping with almost every move that my company performs.  If there's a problem during the move, just tap me on the shoulder.
  • I hand select only trustworthy, reliable, honorable workers.  See the Staff section of this website for a biography of each person.
  • Our movers are fit and fast, but still cautious and careful.  It's a special balance that I require of all my workers.  Don't be surprised if you find us sprinting to your stuff when our hands are empty.  We know we're on your clock!  But once your possessions are in our hands, we know that steady, calculated movements can be required.
  • We will be glad to pack everything into boxes for you, using packing paper and bubble wrap where it is needed.  Each box will be labeled and put into the correct room at the new house. This service is called Packing Service, and must be specifically requested.
  • We have new and/or used moving boxes available at discounted prices in order to save you money, and we can deliver them for free with an order size of $90 or more.  See www.boxgoround.com for more details regarding our packing, box delivery, and moving box collection services.
  • We usually don't require you to empty your clothes from your drawers, unless it puts the furniture at risk of breaking.
  • Our billing policy is clearly stated on this website, and there will never be any surprise, undisclosed charges.





Warehouse: 8223 Leslie Rd, San Antonio, TX 78254
Mailing Address: 13822 Bent Ridge Drive, San Antonio, TX 78249
Telephone: 210-865-1555

"Mustard Seed Moving" is a federally-registered service mark of Andrew Sengler.