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Piano Moving is our forte.  We don't just move pianos -- we like moving pianos.  Every move is a unique challenge, deserving of the utmost attention to details.  Pianos are expensive, delicate, and extremely heavy; it should come as no surprise that they need special love and care no matter where they are going, or where they have been.  From the most elegant Steinway to the cheapest spinet, you should always have your piano moved by a professional. 

At Mustard Seed Moving:

  • We use only the highest-quality moving blankets to protect your piano's finish.  You won't find any burlap or thin cotton in our truck. 
  • We never use a grand piano's pedal lyre to tilt the piano up or down.  Unfortunately, some movers try to save time by using it, and the lyre was not meant for such weight.
  • We protect your hardwood floors by only using 4-wheel dollies that have soft rubber wheels, and by padding the floor underneath the piano before we begin.
  • We can answer most of your piano-related questions, and advise you on piano placement, tuning, repairs, refinishing, and even put you in contact with an excellent piano teacher.
  • Unfortunately, we will not move full-upright pianos (uprights over 5' tall) to the second story of a house.  There is simply too much risk to the movers, the house, and the piano.  We will move these pianos up smaller flights of stairs, but not to the second story (or higher).




Warehouse: 8223 Leslie Rd, San Antonio, TX 78254
Mailing Address: 13822 Bent Ridge Drive, San Antonio, TX 78249
Telephone: 210-865-1555

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